17th of May. Movement is good for you.

Go faster, Take a challenge, Go beyond limits. 1,2,3… Breathe, the movement is good for you: release vital, imaginative and creative energies. In the last few months the space has become narrow, threatening actions curb individual and common rights: ban on demnstration in the city, evictions, lawsuits, captures, whispering campaign on the medias. Bodies want to be free to go, desire without limits, decide without impositions.

5,6,7… We need air. Open your lungs, take space. Are demonstrations in Central Rome forbidden? This is not a demonstration. It’s an high hurdles, a pitch, a foot race. Activism is a mass sport.

8, 9, 10… Who owns the city? Who crosses it, who makes it, who lives it owns the city. On May 17th Common Goods will take the streets to keep fit. They play on different grounds, but the effort is common. And this effort pushes beyond the borders: all Europe is in movement. Europe is our space to act on.

First step – Culture is a coomon good, not a privilege: people talk, imagine, meet, thus producing culture. Production, access and circulation of knowledge must be free and defended from restrictions and from profiting. Culture is a very particular good: the more you use it, the more it spreads.

Second step – Work is now synonymous to precarity, we reclaim income in return of exploited and non paid jobs, of non acknowledged education: right to housing, to health, to live a fair life. Do you want to identify us? Our identity is multiple and plural.

Third Step – Common goods become worthy when people use them, they arise from struggles. It’s a continuing transformation: to occupy means to take back what we are snatched from a shared use, to give it back to everyone without exclusions. We create new institutions, new relationships, new forms of life through our founding practices.

107, 108. Take a look to the space around as you’re doing for the first time. Let yourself attracted from the details. The city is ours, now.

Keeping fit is everything.