#THISISACOUP: Actions at Deutsche Bank in Rome

Last night, several branches of Deutsche Bank in Rome have been sanctioned. Banners and slogans against the coup d’etat in Greece at the hands of German ruling class, while in Athens the agreement imposed by Merkel was being voted. We receive and publish the statement of the action.

#THISISACOUP: Actions at Deutsche Bank in Rome


Tonight we sanctioned several branches of Deutsche Bank to denounce the coup d’etat that government and German banks have made in Greece.

Despite the extraordinary result of the referendum and even against some parts of Troika, Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble have imposed new austerity measures through the blackmail of hunger and pillaging of the Hellenic country. This further Memorandum has a greatest potential of social and economic destruction than previous ones, because the goal was to show that no alternative can exist other than the dictatorship of finance and neoliberal policies dictated by Frankfurt and Berlin.

In these days, the German colonial project within the European Union has become clear to everybody. It is therefore a duty for all of us living in the European space to fight it back. History is at a crossroads: the dictatorship of finance or new forms of radical democracy.

Hitting and splitting SYRIZA to weaken any radical proposal in the other European countries. Hitting and splitting SYRIZA to warn Podemos, its constituents and all the radical forces that attempt to change direction.


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