From Rome to Thessaloniki: you can not stop the wind!

Yesterday, July 27th, the Greek cops evicted three squats in the city of Thessaloniki: Nikis, Orfanotropheio e Kinotita Hurriya. These places were hosting refugees that had fled war, had been trapped in Greece and had decided to leave the shameful official camps set by the ‘alleged left governement’.

During the No Borders Camp, as DINAMOpress with a lot of activists and refugees, we visited some of those camps: we want to say clearly that those places are unworthy and disgraceful. No human being should live in such conditions! Any attempt to go out of these places, taking life in

Probably, the State and the government have fear that the wave of houses squatted by refugees could build the basis for real solidarity, new experiments of self-organization and new struggles for dignity. They want to prevent the possibility that these experiments become bigger and bigger, that the wave becomes a tsunami!

After supporting and signing the UE-Turkey agreement, the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Syriza government are setting another brick for anti-refugees policies. The arrest of more than 50 activists shows clearly that Greek government – as the ones of Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria or Hungary – has decided to implement the criminalization of solidarity.

Some days ago also in Rome, we have suffered the eviction of Point Break, a squatted student house that had given a roof to hundreds of students and precarious workers for seven years. From Rome to Thessaloniki, we want to send our solidarity to all people evicted and arrested.

They cannot evict our desires of freedom and social justice. They can not stop the wind.

We live together, we fight together!