European Anti-fascist Meeting in Athens

Dinamopress sarà ad Atene dall’11 al 13 aprile per partecipare al Meeting antifascista europeo. Pubblichiamo qui l’appello e il programma del meeting [ITA-ENG] “For a Europe free of fascism, racism and sexism, in a world of freedom and social solidarity”


Settant’anni dopo la Seconda Guerra Mondiale e la sconfitta del fascismo, l’Europa sta affrontando la sfida della crescita di una destra estrema nazista e razzista. Ma razzisti e nazisti hanno sicuramente un avversario che continua a crescere in maniera più forte: il movimento di massa e plurale che lotta nelle strada di tutta Europa, non solo contro il terrorismo fascista ma anche contro quelli che lo sostengono e proteggono: politiche anti-popolari, comportamenti arbitrari della polizia, lo stesso totalitarismo neoliberale e il sistema che tenta di imporlo.

L’11, il 12 e il 13 aprile 2014 la resistenza si incontra ad Atene in un clima di fermento e di festa che coinvolgerà workshop e seminari politici, concerti e discussioni con collettivi antifascisti, reti e assemblee provenienti da tutta l’Europa. Discuteremo, condivideremo e organizzeremo la nostra azione su un livello europeo con l’obiettivo di lanciare il messaggio forte di una lotta coordinata contro fascismo, razzismo e sessismo. Il meeting di tre giorni è il principale evento nel contesto del mese di azione antifascista (dal 21 marzo al 21 aprile) che coinvolgerà interventi ed eventi nei quartieri, negli spazi sociali e nelle scuole in tutta la Grecia.

Venerdì 11 aprile

18: Inizio dell’assemblea: “Movimenti antifascisti in Europa: esperienza del passato, vie di avanzamento attraverso il coordinamento internazionale”

21: Proiezione del film “Fascism Inc.” di Aris Haritzstefanou, introdotto dal team di Infowar.

Sabato 12 aprile

12-15: Workshops, zona 1

– Movimento antifascista nell’arte;

– Antifascismo nei campi di calico;

– Sviluppi e situazione attuale in Ucraina, presentata dagli antifascisti ucraini;

– Stato di eccezione e teoria dei due estremi;

– Scuole libere dal fascismo: studenti e insegnanti uniti contro il fascismo;

– Auto-difesa contro la violenza razzista e fascista (seminario).


– Lavorare nei media: presentazione dell’osservatorio contro il razzismo e il fascismo nei media;

– Resistere a sessismo, omofobia e transfobia;

– Dalla fortezza Europa ai lager per migranti: resistenza, auto-organizzazione, lotte comuni;

– Movimento dei lavoratori contro il fascismo;

– Beyond Europe: fortificando la resistenza.

18: Discorsi programmatici: dalla Francia all’Ucraina, dalla Norvegia alla Grecia: NO PASARAN;

Discorsi programmatici : Alain Krivine, membro della sinistra anti-capitalista francese, Joe Higgins, alleanza anti-austerity ISP-MP, Tariq Ali, autore-direttore (video messaggio)

Domenica 13 aprile

12: Assemblea: workshop riassuntivi, conclusioni, agenda internazionale.

Extra nelle aree del meeting:

· Cucine collettiva; Parcogiochi per bambini; Mostra di cartoni e foto; Rappresentazioni teatrali

Gruppi musicali: Illegal Operation feat. ALEX K. (Last Drive) – MC Yinka – Mistah Rude (18120 – Δεν Ξεχναμε) – Radio Sol – Pink Tank Project – Muchatrela – Λόλεκ – Υπεραστικοί – Barbara’s Straight Son – Road Duck – Tuxedo conspiracy – What the funk – Fruit Salads – Πληγωμένες Σκιές

ANTIFASCIST CALL: “For a Europe free of fascism, racism and sexism, in a world of freedom and social solidarity” Antifa Meeting 11-12-13 April 2014 Athens

Seventy years after World War II and the defeat of fascism, Europe is facing the challenge of a nazi, racist far-right on the rise. In times of economic crisis and of harsh attack against workers’ and peoples’ rights, especially the rights of southern European peoples, from France to Ukraine (with the nazis in power) and from Norway to Greece, xenophobic and intolerant parties and groups start having influence on the society, even on poor and excluded popular classes all over Europe. They have begun to play a part in formulating political developments and getting involved in societies, schools, the streets, working-class neighborhoods, as well as national parliaments and state devices, most of all the police.

The rise of the Nazi, racist far-right did not come out of the blue. This was triggered by European governments’ anti-immigration policies, by the rise of islamophobia, by the concept of a Europe-fortress, by the mainstream media’s terror-hysteria and xenophobia; it is fueled by the development of various nationalisms, as a misguided answer to capitalist globalization, to the unaccountability of imperialism and the demonization of cultural differences; it is accelerated by the upsurge in state repression, the cancellation of the rights of large parts of the working class and the outbreak of unemployment; it is encouraged by the social fragmentation and identity crisis of large parts of the population, by the backdrop to traditional values (homeland, faith, family etc), the strengthening of sexist and patriarchal patterns, militarist and macho social models and behaviors; it is legitimated by the corruption and unreliability of the political system in power, by the lack of radical anti-systemic political action in the past few decades and by the ideological confusion of large parts of the working class.

Thus, in the favorable environment of “law and order”, “security consolidation” and “fight against crime”, nazis, fascists and racists point their weapons, metaphorically and literally, against the new “interior enemy”: immigrant men and women, refugees, gypsies, gay, lesbians, transsexuals, HIV-positive, anybody who does not conform with the dominant norms and stereotypes. Also, mosques and synagogues and places where homeless people and drug addicts gather face nazi violence.

Unfortunately, as evidenced throughout history, fascist rhetoric and action concur with the goals of governments and authority, even if sometimes they seem to confront or try to restrict fascists; after all, they are the states’ last argument when all other tools for the political and ideological manipulation of the society have been exhausted. Particularly today, when neoliberal attacks against social rights and political freedoms are ever-increasing, when “state of emergency” practices constitute the basis of most European governmental policies and EU strategies, when parliamentary democracy is reduced to “governmental democracy”, the fight against racism, fascism and Nazism, in order to be effective, has to turn also against those who plunder and destroy societies, who fuel the “war among the poor” in order to remain in power, those who impose the suffocating uniformity of national and racial purity, sexual normativity and political alignment with their own idea of legitimacy in order to increase social inequality.

Racists and Nazis definitely have an opponent who keeps growing stronger: the massive, pluralistic movement, fighting in the streets all over Europe, not only against fascist terrorism but also against those who sustain it and protect it: anti-grassroots policies, arbitrary police behavior, neoliberal totalitarianism itself and the system trying to impose it.

With these thoughts in mind, we believe that the European Anti-fascist Meeting, that will take place in Athens, on 11, 12 and 13 of April, must:

• Pass a strong message of coordinated struggle against fascism, with initiatives taken at a European level (common action days, protests in front of embassies of countries guilty of racist crimes, from Lampedusa to Farmakonisi etc) and at a national or local level (blocking a concentration camp, supporting a gay pride event in countries where such events are repressed etc.).

• Point out that the fight against fascism and Nazism is at the same time a fight against racism and sexism, making best use of the campaign, the keynote speeches and workshops, including its texts and practices; that an anti-fascist cannot support policies that promote fascism, therefore an anti-fascist cannot be sexist or complain about the number of immigrants living in his/her country.

• Help comrades, locals and foreigners, who are fighting against fascism, link their fight with the struggle of wider popular classes, especially the youth, and to upgrade their actions at all levels: in the streets, in the neighborhoods, in schools, in football fields, in work places, in spreading information as well as in courts, detention centers etc.

• Contribute, in view of the European Elections, in pointing out some big issues that are usually underestimated, such as social equalization regardless of national origin, acceptance of diversity as a democratic principle, not as an exception or a privilege, self-determination of the human body, elimination of Fortress-Europe and guarantee of the right to freedom of movement, complete opposition to state repression and to the criminalization of militant resistance.

Antifascist Coordination of Groups and Initiatives in Athens-Piraeus

Website ANTIFA Meeting

International Participations (open):

Marks 21 (Serbia)

Αntifa Νovi Sad (Serbia)

Antifa Zagreb (Croatia)

Antifascists (Bosnia)

Direct Action Student Union and Visual Culture Center (Ukraine)

Borotba (Ukraine)

Antifa Moscow (Russia)

Autonomous Action Moscow (Russia)

Antifascists (Bulgaria)

Anti-capitalist Action (Turkey)

Ant.Ar.T.E.S. [Anti-capitalist Revolutionary Left Group] (Cyprus)

Αntinazi-New Internationalist Left (Cyprus)

AFA [Action Antifasciste Paris-Banlieu] (France)

NPA (France)

Beyond Europe [Plan C (UK), …ums ganze (Germany), Αnti-authoritarian Movement (Greece)]

Occupazioni Precari Studenti (Italy)

ESC Atelier and Metropolitan Assembly – Rome (Italy)

World Women’s March (France)

Communist Party (Austria)

Blockbuster (Belgium)

Irish Socialist Party-CWI (Ireland)

Linje 17 mot racism – Line 17 against racism (Sweden)

Dortmund stellt sich Quer- No tolerance to fascism (Germany)

Transform Europe (Hungary)

Anti-capitalist Left (Spain)