INDRA subject to sanction

Against borders security business, against fortress Europe

The strenghtening of borders control and security politics is taking always more priority in the European countries, with a leading role of those security tech enterprises that earn from this business.

In 2012 boundaries and borders business made a profit of almost 30 billion euros. This flourishing marketplace is expected to increase up to 50 billion within 2022.

Bloody money, earned on a fulfilling tragedy.

While nunmber of people missing or dying in the attempt to reach Europe continues to increase, FRONTEX agency keeps strenghten, intensifying a filth partnerships with these companies, often charged to facilitate a guilty collaboration with countries accountable for a constant violation of human fundamental rights.

INDRA, a company that developes information technology and defense systems, is one of the main accomplices of the permanent massacra of migrants in the mediterrean area, actively contributing to massive refoulements and inhuman identifications of people who run away from war and poverty.

Therefore this night we’ve hit INDRA to send a message of protest against EUs refugees politics and all those companies which invest in borders militarization, profiting on human lives in the name of this alleged security.